Greater Houston Partnership Urges Support for HERO

Posted on August 6, 2015
Greater Houston Partnership  (1)Just hours after the Houston City Council underscored its support for Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) by rejecting attempts to repeal and instead sending it to the ballot this November, the Greater Houston Partnership—renowned as the city’s most influential business organization—also expressed confidence that the people of Houston will vote to uphold this much-needed law.

In a statement released yesterday, the Partnership’s President and CEO Bob Harvey, said that HERO is critical to maintaing Houston’s reputation as a welcoming and open place to live, work and do business:
“As we work to attract businesses and talented professionals to our region, they have made clear that they are seeking a community that is welcoming, diverse and inclusive. Ensuring such an environment is critically important to the continued success of the region’s economy.”

We believe all Houstonians should be able to find a job, enjoy an evening out, and find a place to live without facing discrimination… These are basic rights that we should all enjoy in a welcoming community, and they are good for business. We believe that the majority of the citizens of Houston recognize these basic rights and will vote against repeal of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance in November.”
Now that the City Council has voted, HERO is expected to be on the ballot on November 3rd. Just as the Partnership’s statement indicated, there’s no doubt that this law reflects the values a majority of Houstonians—and we look forward to working to showcase the wide array of support for HERO across Houston.


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