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With HERO Now on the Ballot, So Are Houston Values
August 5, 2015 In response to this morning’s City Council vote putting Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance on the November ballot, Texas Wins campaign director Christina Gorczynski, a Houston strategist who helped get the ordinance passed through Council last year, issued the following statement.
With Marriage Now a Reality, What’s Next for Gay and Transgender Equality in Texas?
June 26, 2015 Now that the U.S Supreme Court has ruled for the freedom to marry in all 50 states, the next chapter - ending discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations - begins
The ‘Texas Miracle’ Jumpstarts Momentum for Full LGBT Equality in Lone Star State
June 2, 2015 A record number of bills harmful to gay and transgender Texans were introduced in the 84th Legislature and all were defeated, due in large part to the values of a majority of Texans and leadership of Texas businesses. More than 250 companies, including 16 Fortune 500s, stepped up early in favor of welcoming communities for LGBT Texans.
Poll Says Majority of Texas Voters Believe LGBT Discrimination a Problem
May 6, 2015 Nearly two-thirds of likely voters in Texas support protecting gay and transgender Texans from discrimination, according to a new poll released today. The statewide survey also found that a strong majority of voters believe that discrimination against gay and transgender Texans is a problem.
Texas Wins Hails Airbnb for Company’s Zero Tolerance Policy on LGBT Discrimination
April 30, 2015 A user of the home renting service Airbnb kicked a couple out of their Galveston home after learning they were gay, according to ABC 13 news in Houston. The company swiftly banned the user from its site citing its “zero tolerance policy for discrimination.”
Anti-Marriage Equality Bill in Texas Doubles Down on Discrimination
April 22, 2015 AUSTIN - Ahead of oral arguments on marriage equality at the U.S. Supreme Court next week, the State Affairs Committee today passed a bill subverting a potential Supreme Court ruling striking down Texas’ ban on marriage equality. HB 4105 bans state and local officials from issuing marriage licenses and the funding for the licensing.
George W. Bush Media Advisor: Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law Is Can of Worms Texas Doesn’t Need to Open
March 31, 2015 AUSTIN – Today Texas Wins joined the groundswell of opposition to Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act that has dominated national headlines and led to concern or condemnation from the NCAA, NBA, Angie’s List, Salesforce, Yelp, and more. The law gives individuals and businesses the right to use religion to discriminate against gay and transgender people.
Texas Can Avoid Indiana’s Anti-Gay Black Eye
March 26, 2015 Today the Governor of Indiana signed into law a sweeping measure, similar to proposals introduced this session in the Texas legislature, that allows businesses to turn away gay and lesbian customers in the name of “religious freedom.” Major Indiana-based corporations and organizations, including Salesforce, Gen Con, Disciples of Christ, and the NCAA have since expressed concern over the new law.

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