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Fight for LGBTQ equality continues
The Brownsville Herald • Frank Garza Raul Lopez stops for a moment. Holding a series of pictures, he begins to call out the names of 15 girls, and for each name called, a person in the audience stands, holding that girl’s photo. Lopez then says these girls died due to violence against the gay and transgender community.
Fight continues for same-sex couples
The Valley Morning Star • Emma Perez-Treviño The recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage was historic, but it doesn’t mean the fight against discrimination is over, a civil rights advocate said yesterday.
In Dallas suburbs, protections for LGBT residents are a patchwork
The Dallas Morning News • Elise Schmelzer Now you can get married at 10 a.m., kicked out of your apartment at noon, lose your job at 2 p.m.and get left on the side of a road by a cab at 4 p.m.,” said Christina Gorczynski, campaign director for Texas Wins, an organization that works to create anti-discrimination laws across the state.
We Republicans Lost On Gay Rights. That’s A Good Thing.
Politico • Mark McKinnon I’m not among those Republicans who have “evolved” on the issue of gay rights. I didn’t need to. I’ve always been attracted to the GOP message of more freedom and less government, but thought it hypocritical and counter to the core of our philosophy that Republicans would not apply those tenets to gay rights. But of course I was often the black sheep in campaign meetings during the 1990s and 2000s. There goes McKinnon again. Taking up for the gays. Although “gay” wasn’t the word that was used back then.
Texas Gay Discrimination Bill Opens Complex Father-Son Split
Associated Press The Associated Press profiles the story of Beau Miller, a gay Texan whose father—Rep. Rick Miller—introduced legislation that would roll back LGBT non-discrimination ordinances across Texas.
Schnurman: Texas businesses rally to defend gay rights
Dallas Morning News Over 200 companies and organizations have signed a pledge in support of diversity and gay rights. They include American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Texas Instruments, Sabre, GameStop, Dell, the Dallas Mavericks and the Houston Super Bowl Committee.

They’re trying to head off legislation that could make Texas a hostile place for the LGBT community and a target for boycotts.
Airbnb renter boots gay couple in Galveston
Houston Chronicle Two Houston-area men say a Galveston homeowner who rented them her house through the accommodations site Airbnb asked them to leave when she realized they were not a traditional straight couple.
Let’s move on. A judge’s ruling should mark the end to Houston’s nondiscrimination fight.
The Houston Chronicle A week has passed since a state district judge ruled that petitioners did not collect enough valid signatures to force a ballot referendum on Houston’s nondiscrimination ordinance, and so far the city has not descended into flames and restrooms remain free of routine molestation. (“Petition on city’s bias law invalid,” Page A1, April 18). No surprises there.
Committee Approves Bill Targeting Same-Sex Marriage
The Texas Tribune • Bobby Blanchard A Texas House committee on Wednesday passed a bill that seeks to prohibit same-sex marriages, even though the state already bans such unions.
COMMENTARY: Wrongly judging the LGBT community in Texas
The Monitor • Sandra Sanchez Did you know in Texas it is legal to fire someone based on their sexual orientation? It also is legal to deny lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders apartment housing, or access to “public spaces,” like restaurants, if the business owner so chooses.

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