Dispatches from LGBT Texans on Texas

Comin’ Home is a digital vignette series produced by Texas Wins. It chronicles the very personal stories of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Texans who experience a reluctance, if not outright fear, of returning home to the Lone Star State. Maybe they lived elsewhere for years. Maybe they simply just went on vacation. Whatever the situation, they’re not looking forward to facing discrimination, legally and culturally, in a state they all love. Here are their stories of Comin’ Home.

Read Story It makes you a little sad that you have to be an oyster in a shell, for your personal safety, you have to hide your pearls.
Bittersweet Relief When Returning to New York Lex Lumiere
Read Story “Even though I was born in this region, it was a giant culture shock to return to such an unwelcoming environment, where there are no protections in place for gay folks and I’d forgotten how oppressive it can be.”
Culture Shock: From the Big Apple to Harlingen, TX Oscar Lopez
Read Story I was told I would never get a license or identification in my name. I was told it wasn’t Aimee’s name to give me.
Denied At The DMV Connie Wilson
Read Story So legally, I got married on a Friday and could have been fired the very next Monday in Texas and would have no legal recourse.
From Magic to Melancholy on Southwest Airlines Ali Gorczynski
Read Story When I came back to Texas, I went back in the closet for a period of time because I wasn’t sure how much of an issue my sexual orientation would be in getting a job.
Returning to Texas Forced Him to Go Back in the Closet Ryan Leach
Read Story I love Houston but was very willing to give that all away and leave a place I love so much because it meant more to me to live in a place that accepted me.
After All These Years, a True Texan is Excited to Return Home Michael Hughes
Read Story It was heartbreaking because everything we’ve done together as a couple has been in Texas. But for this one amazing moment, we had to leave our state.
Heartbreak Over Leaving Her Home State to Get Married Fran Watson
Read Story When I’m with my friends, I feel much safer but if I’m alone and the wrong person found out that I am transgender, I would feel like my life would be in danger.
Comin’ Home… Or Not. Sonya Ellis
Help make the case that Texans of all walks of life believe in protecting our gay and transgender neighbors from discrimination.

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